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Quiz: The All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship 2018!

How well do you remember this year’s Championship?

That’s it, folks. The All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship is finished for another year, and perhaps this year was the best of them all. The Treatymen of Limerick were crowned as All-Ireland Champions after defeating Galway.

This summer, the Championship has been a complete whirlwind. From shock exits by some teams and thrilling performances by others, we now wait until May 2019, for it all to kick off again. If you are missing some Hurling action this weekend, then give our quiz a go!

Let us know how you get on – best of luck!

Who was the top scorer in the 2018 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship?

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At what stage were Wexford knocked out of the Championship this year?

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Which player broke the record for all-time appearances in the Championship this year?

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What club does All-Ireland winning captain Declan Hannon play for?

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What county won the Joe McDonagh Cup this year?

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Who is the captain of Tipperary?

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Which player had the most scores in a single game this Championship?

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What county was relegated from the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship this year?

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Who scored the equalising point for Clare in their drawn Semi-Final game against Galway?

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Clare knocked Tipperary out of the Championship this year, but when was the last time the Bannermen had a win over Tipperary in the Championship?

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All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Quiz 2018
A fair attempt - but you can do better than that!
Wow! Congrats- you are a hurling genius!

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