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Four Simple Resolutions You Can Stick To

Ready for 2019?

So it’s that time of year when we’re promising ourselves the sun, moon and the stars in the hopes that 2019 is going to be the year.  We usually have a list of resolutions that are as long as our arm!  Of course, we love the idea of a fresh start at the beginning of a new year, but sometimes those resolutions don’t work out the way we had hoped and we’re back to square one.  So, we’ve decided to round up a free New Year resolutions that are easier to stick to, but of course – just as important.


Make More Me Time

Between school runs and meetings, work commitments and the general run around, we often forget to take time to focus on ourselves.  Make time for the things that you love, whether it’s going for a run or catching up on the soaps.  Rather than making empty promises to yourself, schedule in certain times in your week that are dedicated to you and only you.  Once you get into the swing of it, you’ll be more relaxed, focused and energised at the end of it all.

Simple 2018 Resolutions
                                    and, relax!


Be On The Move More Often

Rather than swearing that the gym will be your second home in 2018 – sneak exercise into your daily routine.  Opt for the stairs instead of the lift and get off your bus one stop earlier.  Sneak those extra steps in and you’ll see a difference in no time.

Simple 2018 Resolutions
                              Be more active


Make Your Latte a Donation Instead

Fond of a latte or a comforting cup of tea while on the move?  Pick one day a week to sacrifice your beloved hot beverage and donate that €3 to a charity instead.  Plenty of charities now accept text donations, so pick up your phone instead of your coffee.  It’ll make you feel a whole lot warmer on the inside than any hot drink will!

Simple 2018 Resolutions
                      Skip your latte just once a week

Make Date Nights More Regular

Make date nights a more regular occurrence.  This doesn’t necessarily mean with your other half.  Call up that friend you haven’t seen in months or treat your mam to a nice evening out.  Check out cheaper alternatives for date nights, like cinema offers or even a night in playing board games.  Just catching up over an evening filled with tea and biscuits is sometimes all you need.  It’s all about the company!

Simple 2018 Resolutions
Enjoy date nights with your gals, mam, sister, whoever!


If one of your New Year resolutions for 2019 is along the lines of a health kick, check out this fun (yes, a fun workout!) workout right here.


Amie Edmonds

Amie is a beauty fanatic, tan addict, clothes wearer, candle lighter and a tea & coffee drinker who strongly believes in the ‘treat yourself’ motto. Hobbies include endless Instagram scrolling, adding way too many items to her online basket and laughing at dog memes.

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