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Chatting to Sinead’s Curvy Style on International Women’s Day

We caught up with Sinead O’Brien of Sinead’s Curvy Style to chat about International Women’s Day.

It’s International Women’s Day!  Across our channels today, we’re celebrating the achievements of women within the fashion and beauty industry here in Ireland.  We also caught up with fashion and lifestyle blogger, Sinead O’Brien of Sinead’s Curvy Style to chat all about International Women’s Day and what why it’s important to her.


Who inspires you in your day to day life?

“Well, not to sound too cheesy, but I have to say my mam.  I definitely look up to her.  Especially being a blogger and having the whole fashion thing going on.  She gave me the inspiration to start my blog, to get up there and do it.  I obviously love her fashion sense in general, but as a woman, she’s just the best.  She’s looked after us all, brought us all up well.  So hopefully I can be half the woman she is when I’m her age.”


In the beauty/fashion industry, how do you feel women empower each other?

“As a blogger, I’m obviously putting myself out there.  On social media, it can be a scary place, but I have found that there’s so much support.  There’s a lot of women who support me – they support everything I do and you can see that it trumps the negativity.  It’s a great thing to see.  It’s the simple things, really.  Like telling someone you think they look nice today, liking your pictures,  giving your friends a call and having the chats with them.  It’s constantly just supporting each other to keep going and reaching for the sky.”

Chatting to Sinead's Curvy Style on International Women's Day on

When it comes to fashion and beauty, how do you express yourself through your looks?

“For me, I’m a curvy girl, I definitely try my best to accentuate all of my best assets through fashion.  But let’s get real, we all have our little lumps and bumps that we don’t like.  But, I do try to find the best way to look good and feel good.  I definitely do that through fashion.”


If you could, what advice would you give to your younger self?

“Stop eating so many chips!  (laughs)  I would say to stay confident, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.  No dream is too big and to keep going!”


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Chatting to Sinead's Curvy Style on International Women's Day on

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