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Six Reasons to Love Autumn/Winter

The change of seasons is just around the corner, and here’s what we’re looking forward to!

We’ve had such great weather this summer, it’s sad to see it go.  Although we’re saying goodbye to chilled drinks and flips flops, we’re saying hello to a lot of other great things!  These are just six things we’re looking forward to in autumn/winter!

Comforting Drinks

Hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream?  Yes, please!  Whether you’re a hot chocolate fan or prefer a pumpkin spiced latte, the time is almost here when your favourite drinks are back on the menu.  Hot drinks get a whole lot more comforting when the colder seasons hit, plus they keep your hands nice and toasty.  If you fancy enjoying a hot chocolate in the comfort of your own home, check out these three gorgeous hot chocolate recipes!

Seven Reasons to Love Autumn/Winter on Littlewoods Ireland Blog
Hot chocolate three ways – yum!

Cosy Outfits

Getting dressed will suddenly get a whole lot easier, and cosier!  Let’s be real, this season will be all about your coat-game.  So keep it cosy with your favourite knit jumper, jeans and a fabulous coat.  We’d even go as far to say we’re looking forward to cute matching hats and scarves! Check out the latest pieces to drop for the new season in our Brand New Arrivals.

Boots Season

‘Tis the season to wear boots!  Gone are the days of flip-flops, it’s time for comfortable boots and thick socks.  Is there anything better than getting out of bed and putting on fluffy socks to go about your day?  Nope!  Now we can keep our feet warm in cosy socks, hidden in super stylish boots.  It’s a win-win situation really!

River Island Heeled Leather Ankle Boot, €80.00
River Island Heeled Leather Ankle Boot, €80.00

Soups & Stews

There’s something about having a stew during the summer that’s just not right.  So we’re so looking forward to coming home after a long day, getting into our comfy PJs and get stuck into a hearty stew or comforting soup.  Who’s with us?  Be sure to check out our heartwarming beef stew recipe!

PJ Days & Movie Marathons

Now that the sun isn’t splitting the stones, we have zero guilt about having a full on lazy day.  PJs?  Check.  Netflix?  Check.  Treats?  Check.  It’s well deserved after all!  If you’re stuck for something to watch, you’re sure to enjoy our favourite movies on Netflix!  Plus, these TV shows are well worth a watch too.  Enjoy!

Seven Reasons to Love Autumn/Winter on Littlewoods Ireland Blog
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Treats Galore

Speaking of treats, between Halloween and Christmas (yes, we said it!), yummy treats are everywhere.  It won’t be long before there are monkey nuts to be seen everywhere, and a box of Roses popping up everywhere you look.  There’ll be plenty of cups of tea and treats to be had!

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