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Soap Spoilers! Cancelled Wedding and Car Crash Terror on Coronation Street

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Is there anything better than sitting down after a long day and catching up on your favourite soaps?  We don’t think so!  Around this time of year, the soaps tend to get even more dramatic than usual (if that’s possible), in the run-up to the big Christmas blow out.  So we’re here with the latest in what’s happening in Coronation Street.  Warning: spoilers ahead!

Early this week, we’ll see the long-awaited wedding of Tracy and Steve. Or will we?  Fans of Corrie will be familiar with Tracy’s fiery temper, and it’s all about to kick off the morning of her wedding day.  As Steve prepares for the wedding, Tracy storms in and slaps him.  Tracy confronts a shocked and confused Steve about his affair with Abi.  Will Steve come clean about his recent night with Leanne?  Will the wedding go ahead?

Soap Spoilers! Latest From Coronation Street | Littlewoods Ireland Blog
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Later in the week, things take another turn as there’s car crash terror involving the residents of Coronation Street.  We learn that Tracy has tampered with a certain someone’s car, which ends up being in a car chase with Michelle, Ryan and Ali as a revenge-seeking Ronan follows.  With Tracy having tampered with the car, there is soon a dramatic car crash.  Will this be the end for those involved?

Also coming soon is the outcome of Jim’s agenda.  Will he stay or will he go?  Check out the latest right here.

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