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Soap Spoilers! The Latest in Coronation Street

What secrets are about to be exposed?

At this stage, we all know secrets can’t be kept in the world of soaps.  It seems Coronation Street is no exception as plenty of big secrets will be exploding this week.  So, stick on the kettle and get ready to find out the latest spoilers in Coronation Street!

Amy’s pregnancy secret is exposed, as Liz convinces her to tell the truth.  Tracy remains calm, while Steve doesn’t react well to the news and storms over to accuse Aadi of being the father.  Steve and Amy then try to convince Amy to tell the truth about who the father is.  Will she continue with her secret or tell the truth?

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Amy then decides to go to a family planning clinic while she should be at school.  As she explains to the first that she is pregnant and seeing other options, Tracy gets a call from the school to say that Amy is missing.  Once Amy is told by the nurse that she will need to speak to an adult, Amy leaves the clinic upset and unsure of what to do next.

In other news, Kylie’s murderer Clayton has filmed his return scenes.  Coronation Street recently filmed Clayton’s comeback, as he was released from prison in order to attend a funeral.  Eagle-eyed fans will have noticed cuts and bruises on Clayton’s face, which more than likely indicates that he’s having a hard time in prison.  Will we begin to get a deeper insight into the aftermath?  Stay tuned to find out!


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