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Soap Spoilers: It’s All Going Down In Eastenders This Christmas

Just when you think it can’t get any more dramatic!

After last week’s dramatic twists and turns, it’s hard to imagine things can get even more dramatic in the build-up to Christmas.  But this is Eastenders we’re talking about, so it definitely can!

Albert Square has never been one for a peaceful Christmas – will we ever forget the death of Bradly Branning? I don’t think so!  But this year, a lot of secrets are set to be exposed around the dinner table.

First up, we’ve got Alife, who’s determined to get the whole family together for Christmas dinner. But will he be able to save face with a massive secret hanging over his head?  And in true Eastenders’ style, his plans start to unravel when Hayley spills the beans, causing chaos, before a shock twist changes the family dynamic forever.  In a teaser clip, we see Jean say “He’s not the man I thought he was.”  Oohhh!

Albert Square favourite, Mick has been released from prison, just in time for Christmas!  But this time, he’s out for bloody revenge.  Linda fears that her husband has got blood on his hands after spotting a suspicious moment between Mick and Phil.  Has he gotten his revenge by killing Stuart’s former best friend?  We can’t wait to find out.

And well, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without a surprise birth, now would it?  And this time, it’s Kim Fox, who gives birth in extremely bizarre circumstances, with her midwife being none other than Phil Mitchel!  Bizarre viewing indeed.

Possibly the weirdest couple to date, and that’s saying something, is Jean and Ian!  Yep, you read that right, it seems this unlikely duo are set to do more than share a kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas.  And while the pair do their best to keep it a secret, Hayley Slater has other plans …

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