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Soap Spoilers: When Will Mick Return to Eastenders?

The low-down on what’s coming up in Albert Square.

It’s almost Christmas, which means heartbreak is about to hit Albert Square!  In the lead up to Christmas, we’ve watched plenty of storylines slowly build up in Eastenders, so we’re sure there’s going to be a big blow out come the 25th of December.  Who’s excited? Here at Littlewoods Ireland HQ, we definitely are!  Here’s the latest on what’s happening in Eastenders.

One storyline that has kept us glued to our screens is the Mick/Linda/Stuart fiasco.  At this stage, viewers know that Stuart shot himself and framed Mick, ultimately sending him to jail.  It seemed Linda was then getting quite close to Stuart, but she was hatching a plan of her own to trick Stuart into a confession.  Soon, we’ll see if Linda’s plan has worked, as Mick returns to the Square.  As Linda has had no communication with Mick, he’s unaware of Linda’s cunning plan to prove Mick’s innocence. Their reunion will be a tense one with Stuart close by, so tune into your screens soon!

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Elsewhere, Alfie has come to the realisation that Hayley decided to keep his child, and he now has a baby daughter.  Alfie soon tells Hayley that he wants to be part of his daughter’s life, but also doesn’t want anyone else to know that he’s the father.  Although Hayley decides to go along with this, she eventually decides she has had enough and moves out of the Slater household.  With the truth set to be exposed on Christmas Day, it’s set to be exciting viewing!

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