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Soap Spoilers! What’s Happening This Week

Get the low-down on what’s happening across your favourite soaps.

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than sitting down with your favourite biscuits and a cup of tea to catch up on your favourite soaps.  Right?  Here at Littlewoods Ireland HQ, we’re a big fan of relaxing in front of the soaps.  While we have our favourites, we still like to keep up to date on what’s going on in soap land.  Keep reading to find out what’s happening this week in Eastenders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale!



While we’re still revelling over Max’s surprising plans, there’s still plenty going on in the Square.  This week, Kat realises that Jean may be hiding something from the rest of the Slaters, as she seems hesitant about returning home to Ollie.  Could this be the return of Ollie to the Square?  Meanwhile, Martin and Stacey make the decision to move back in together.  However, Bex isn’t too happy when she hears the news from a third party.

Soap Spoilers! What's Happening This Week on

Coronation Street

This week over on Coronation Street, we see Tracy up to her old tricks as she tries to con Flora into investing in the florist.  This doesn’t sit well with Daniel, who, in turn, decides to tell Tracy that Steve kissed Michelle on their wedding day.  How exactly will Tracy react to this news?  In the meantime, Tyler welcomes Simon to “his gang” after stealing from a cafe till.

Soap Spoilers! What's Happening This Week on
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We see a shock return to Emmerdale this week, as Simon appears with obvious injuries.  The scene then takes a turn as he attacks Cain out of the blue.  Will Cain live to tell the tale?  Meanwhile, David and Treacy are left in close proximities, which results in the two sharing a kiss.

Soap Spoilers! What's Happening This Week on
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Now that you’re up to date in soap land, hands up who’s enjoying the sun?  Just don’t forget your SPF!  We’ve got your ultimate SPF guide right here.

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