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Soaps Spoilers! Who’s Set to Leave Albert Square?

Which Albert Square resident is set to leave Eastenders? Plus, all the latest drama!

We often see many characters come and go in our favourite soaps, and we’re about to say goodbye to another Albert Square resident.  This week, we’ll look on as Carmel says her goodbyes to her friends and family.  As she sets off for Dubai to live with her other son.  Carmel says her farewells, she gives sentimental belongings of Shakil’s to various friends and family, before taking some time at the remembrance poster of Shakil.  As Carmel’s son Kush decides not to leave Albert Square, will this really be the last we see of Carmel?

Soaps Spoilers! Who's Leaving Albert Square? | Littlewoods Ireland Blog
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Elsewhere, Hayley Slater arrives back on the Square with her newborn baby and makes a shocking decision.  Feeling overwhelmed, Hayley decides to leave her baby on the doorstep of the Ahmeds.  As the Ahmeds have been previously helping Hayley through the last stage of her pregnancy, she leaves hoping that they will look after her newborn.  Soon after, Hayley begins to regret her decision and goes to visit the Ahmeds.  But is stopped in her tracks by Kat who demands to know what has been going on, and where the baby is.  This results in both Hayley and Kat fighting, then Hayley makes another decision which will distance her further from the Slaters.

Soaps Spoilers! Who's Leaving Albert Square? | Littlewoods Ireland Blog
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