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Solo: A Star Wars Collector’s Story

Don’t thank us all at once, but we just made your Star Wars dreams come true! We’ve scoured our site for the top Han Solo collectables for the much-anticipated film release. Read on to see our picks. Sometimes, we amaze even ourselves!

He’s everyone’s favourite “scruffy looking” smuggler who made the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs. He talks straight and shoots first. He is the lovable rogue Han Solo and he’s finally got his own movie coming our way. Solo: A Star Wars Story is getting great reviews, so why not get in on the action with some brand new Star Wars merch?

“Who Are You Calling Scruffy Looking?”

A scruffy looking rogue he may be, but the ladies all swoon for Han, and why wouldn’t they? His white shirt and waistcoat combo, made famous by Harrison Ford, is a timeless look. Now you can look the part when you step out in your brand new Han Solo outfit!

han solo costume adult sizekids chewbacca costume star wars

Of course, just like Han, you should never fly solo. Everywhere Han goes, he is accompanied by his loyal companion Chewbacca. So why not get your kid glammed up in this adorable kids’ Chewbacca costume? Sure, Chewie is bigger than Han in the movies, but the reversed little and large combo will look super adorable!

“Your Mugg Looks Mighty Fine!”

If going all out and dressing up as your favourite Star Wars characters seems like a bit much for you, why not dress up your mantlepiece with these awesome looking Mighty Muggs? You can get the quirky  Mighty Mugg Han and Mighty Mugg Chewbacca, so the dynamic duo will never be far from you!

mighty muggs han solo star wars storymighty muggs chewbacca star wars story


Solo: A Star Wars Story Toys

Like any sci-fi blockbuster movie worth its power converters, there are some absolutely great Star Wars toys and action figures accompanying the new Solo film. The Millennium Falcon is Han and Chewie’s ride of choice, a spaceship so fast that it can make it through the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs (parsecs are a measurement of distance, not time, so that makes the feat even more extraordinary!). The Battle Action Millennium Falcon toy is a real crowd pleaser, and comes complete with a hidden firing NERF missile and 3 Star Wars action figures so you can jump straight into the action!

battle action millennium falcon toy


“LEGO of My Landspeeder!”

For those of you who prefer to build than to dive straight into the action, Han’s LEGO Landspeeder offers all the thrills and spills you could hope for! This super cool, missile firing vehicle comes complete with 3 LEGO mini-figures and a hidden cargo section (perfect for smuggling extra LEGO!), and has tiny wheels which make it look like the landspeeder is hovering above the ground as you wheel it across the floor!

hans landspeeder lego star wars

Are you excited for the new Han Solo movie yet? If not, maybe this trailer will get you in the mood!

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