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Spoiler Alert! Car Crash Horror in Emmerdale

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Sundays are best spent wearing PJs, drinking multiple cups of tea and catching up on the soaps and soap spoilers.  Right?  Well, we’re back with our weekly soap spoilers and this one is a biggie!  So stick the kettle on, relax and get ready for this Emmerdale bombshell.

Emmerdale Spoilers on Littlewoods Ireland Blog
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Any Emmerdale fans will know all about Frank and Megan’s relationship, as well as the aftermath of Megan’s affair.  What we didn’t see coming, is the shocking car crash. Frank sets his eye on a vintage car that he decides to buy from Ross.  However, Megan decides to intervene and buys the car for Frank herself, attempting to prove her love for Frank.  Unaware that the car is not safe to drive, the pair decides to take the motor out for a spin.  Emmerdale writers are keeping tight-lipped about the outcome of the car crash, so viewers are left wondering will the pair survive?

Emmerdale Spoilers on Littlewoods Ireland Blog
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This also leaves us asking, will Ross also suffer the consequences of selling an unsafe car?  We could be saying our farewells to three Emmerdale characters.

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