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Spoiler Alert! What’s Coming Up This Week In Your Favourite Soaps?

Here’s what’s coming up on all of your favourite soaps this week!

If you’ve gotten this far and don’t want to read any spoilers, I suggest you read something else.

Well, if you insist!  Here’s what’s happening on the cobbles, in the square and in the ‘dales this week…

Coronation Street

Corrie is tackling some tough topics at the moment, especially in the wake of Aiden’s hard-hitting suicide story line recently.  This week, we see David open up to his mum Gail, about his recent attack where he was raped by Josh.  Gail then confides in psychic Rosemary, who once told her that she was suffering from the curse of Richard Hillman.  Gail tells Rosemary that she wants the curse to be lifted, and now has they money to do this, however we don’t quite know what Rosemary is planning, and don’t think all is as it seems.

Meanwhile, Josh becomes suspicious as David’s girlfriend Shona begins investigating him, and plans to flee the cobbles, however not before he’s arrested for the rape of David Platt.


This week is all about the aftermath of the death of Shakil.  A devestated Carmel tries to take her own life, however when she finds Shakil’s watch she realises she’s made a terrible mistake and Kush phones for an ambulance.

Meanwhile, Jean raises enough cash for Kat to fly to Spain to visit her kids, however Hayley reckons Kat has an ulterior motive for the trip and begins to blackmail Kat for the money.


This week, fans will be treated to a special episode where we get an insight into Charity’s past.  In a series of flashbacks, we’re in for a “huge shock” at Charity’s troubled past, which may give us some insight into her firey disposition.

Meanwhile, Chas’ baby scan turns out to be a day earlier than she realised, and after being unable to track Paddy down, she goes alone, however something concerning shows up on the sonogram.  Will the baby be okay?


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