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Four Steps for Giving Your Makeup Bag a Spring Clean

Check out our top tips for giving your makeup bag a thorough spring clean!

Whether you prefer a more minimal approach when it comes to beauty products, or you have more lipsticks than you can count, there’s nothing better than cleaning up your makeup and having all your holy grail products at hand.  Check out our top tips for giving your makeup bag a thorough spring clean!


Step One: The Layout

First things first, layout whatever makeup products you have.  You’ll be surprised at those bits that you have forgotten all about!  Once you have your products laid out, it’s time for the tough part.  Be brutal and get rid of that blusher that’s been at the bottom of your makeup bag since you first started wearing a full face.  At the end of the day, makeup does have an expiration date.  So, you don’t want to be applying products to your face that may be better off in the bin!  Check out the guidelines below.

Mascara 3-6 months

Concealer 6 months

Foundation 12 months

Lipstick 2 years

Eyeshadows, powders and eyeliner 3 years

Step 2: Squeaky Clean

Once you’ve decided on the beauty bits that you just can’t live without, the next step is to give those well-loved products a bit of TLC.  Grab some disinfectant wipes and give your palettes and the rest of your products a good clean.  We don’t need any bad bacteria living on our beloved Hoola or our Nude’tude palette!

Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag | Clear Out Tips on Littlewoods Ireland Blog |

Step 3: Organise, Organise, Organise!

Now that your beloved beauty bits are squeaky clean, it’s time for a bit of organisation.  Keep your go-to products for a quick, everyday look together so that you can grab them and go.  We’re loving this marble Spectrum makeup bag, the perfect size for makeup on the go!  Then sort your other bits and bobs into categories, so that you have your palettes at hand, and the rest of your makeup that you don’t use every day, but couldn’t bear to part with.

Step 4: Opt for Sleek Storage

After all the cleaning and organisation is done, make sure you don’t undo all your hard work with the wrong kind of storage.  It’s also nice to have your makeup displayed in the perfect way you want it!  If you just can’t live without you beauty blender, make sure to not pop it in your makeup bag or out of eyesight altogether.  If it’s in a dark, sealed area, it will become full of bacteria quickly – not what you want when you’re dabbing it on to your face!  Leave your beauty blender where the air can circulate around it.  You may even have the perfect storage in your kitchen.  No joke – we’re loving the idea of this egg holder to keep your much-loved beauty blenders and other bits clean and tidy!

Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag | Clear Out Tips on Littlewoods Ireland Blog |

There you have it! Your everyday makeup bag plus all your other favourite bits are ready and waiting.  For some early morning makeup tips, check out our Every Day Makeup in Five Minutes post.

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