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We take a look at some standout Style of Play moments from the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship in 2017

During last year’s All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship, there were some serious displays of skill and talent. We take a look at the standout #StyleOfPlay moments from 2017!

The countdown to All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship is on and we here at Littlewoods Ireland can barely contain our excitement!

With a new restructuring of the format, the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship looks to be very interesting. So bring on those match days, the picnic in the car and the post-match analysis on the journey home. But be sure to make it in in time for The Sunday Game!

Last year’s All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship was sheer brilliance, with many shocks and great moments. We take a look at some of the stand out #StyleOfPlay moments from last year. Who do you think will shine this year?

Stephen O’Keeffe’s save against Seamus Harnedy

Cork opened their Munster Championship campaign last year with an impressive win over a fancied Tipperary team.

They had momentum on their side going into the next game against Waterford. At halftime, they led by a point.

Déise goalkeeper Stephen O’Keeffe made a great save on a shot that came from Cork’s Alan Cadogan.

Then Seamus Harnedy was running across the Waterford goal line, took his shot and O’Keeffe again deflected it off his hurl, to deny Cork the goal. A superb shot-stopper.

Joe Canning’s winning point against Tipperary

A great moment from the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship.

The pressure was on Galway as they faced a strong Tipperary team in the All Ireland Semi Final. After a poor start to the Championship for Tipperary, they seemed to have got their swagger back.

Into the 73rd minute of injury time, both teams were neck and neck. Galway had 21 points and Tipperary had 1-18. Then came this miracle shot from Canning as the final seconds ticked away.

Johnny Coen hand passed the sliotar onto Canning, who took his shot and despite being under pressure from the Tipperary players, he secured the point.

It was the fifth point in a row for Canning in this Semi-Final, and it secured Galway’s place in the All Ireland Final, that they then went onto win.

Austin Gleeson’s point against Cork

Waterford hurler and Littlewoods Ireland ambassador Austin Gleeson showed off his Style of Play with this unbelievable point in the Munster Semi-Final against Cork.

Watch how he slides onto his knees to retain possession, gets back up and takes his shot to score this sensational point.

Damien Cahalane’s solo run

In the final minutes of the Munster Final, Cahalane did this solo run down the pitch to pass the sliotar onto Patrick Horgan who then goes on to score a point.

The Rebels added another two points before the final whistle, securing the Munster title going to Cork.

Shane O’ Donnell’s goals against Limerick

When Shane O’Donnell is running towards a goal line, there is very little you can do to stop him.

He made a name for himself, famously scoring a hat-trick in the All Ireland final in 2013. In this match against Limerick, he nestled two goals in Limerick’s net, and put Clare back in the Munster Final. The last time the Banner was there was 2008.

Michael Cahalane’s goal

In the final few minutes of the Munster Championship opener between Cork and Tipperary, the teams were level, 1-25 each. Michael Cahalane came off the Cork bench and secured himself a goal and a victory for the Rebels.

But it was a lot more significant than that.

Michael Cahalane was one Cork’s outstanding young talents. He had to step away from the panel due to illness after an ultrasound discovered he had an enlarged heart and had contracted a viral infection.

Medics told Michael that he wouldn’t be able to play again, but last year he was given the green light to return to Hurling. He came on in Thurles and scored the winning goal. An incredible moment for the Bandon man.


Colm Callanan’s save against Noel McGrath

In last year’s All Ireland Semi Final, Colm Callanan made this crucial save as Tipperary’s Noel McGrath aimed for the goal.

Since Tipperary already scoring a goal early on in the game, Callanan was determined that this would not be repeated.

Austin Gleeson’s Goal against Cork

During the All Ireland Semi Final, there was little between Cork and Waterford. Waterford were two points ahead when this moment of brilliance came from Austin Gleeson.

Watch how he sprints down the pitch, beats four Cork defenders and ultimately the Cork keeper Anthony Nash to score another goal for Waterford.

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