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This Tanning Hack is a Game Changer

Get ready for flawlessly tanned hands, every time!

If you’re a fan of false tanning, you know that it can work wonders!  But sometimes, it doesn’t exactly turn out how we wish it would.  One area that can be tough to tan right is your hands.  It’s one area that’s always visible, yet can be so hard to get perfect.  This tanning hack will change how you tan your hands, by making it a whole lot easier!  Get ready to say hello to perfectly tanned hands, every time!


Ditch the Glove

The first thing you want to do when it’s comes to tanning your hands, is put down the tanning glove.  A tanning glove works wonders for the rest of your body, but when it comes to your hands, it just can’t get into all of the nooks and crannies.  Opt for a (clean) foundation brush instead.  Preferably a buffing foundation brush.  It will help to spread and blend your tan around the awkward areas such as your knuckles and in between your fingers.  We love the NYX Pro Brush 03, it basically does all of the work for you.  Ideal!  Just ensure to rinse any old tan out of your brush every once in a while.  More importantly, don’t mix it up with your actual foundation brush!

This Tanning Hack is a Game Changer on blog.littlewoodsireland.ieGet Mixing

We all know the importance of moisturiser when it comes to tanning – if not, check out this post.  But when it comes to tanning your hands, it’s almost important as the tan itself.  Mixing moisturiser in with your tan before applying it to the hands ensures an even, flawless colour.  No patchy tan here!  Simply dab the brush you’ll use for tanning into your moisturiser, apply a small amount of tan onto the brush and apply to your hands as you would foundation.  Easy peasy!  We love the Being by Sanctuary Spa body butter to mix with the tan.  The thickness works perfectly, plus, it smells amazing!

This Tanning Hack is a Game Changer on blog.littlewoodsireland.ieThere You Have It!

Next time you’re getting your tan on, opt for the moisturiser and apply your tan with a kabuki brush.  Your hands will turn out perfectly tanned, every time!

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