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The Ultimate Throwback Boot

Right, hands up who owned a pair?

Who remembers the UGG boot?  We certainly do!  And while it may feel like a long time ago now that we had them on our feet, it seems they’ve come back into fashion again!

But if you’ve gotten rid of your UGGs, then fear not, because we’ve got ’em right here.  Whether you preferred a short boot, or were more of a knee-high UGG boot gal, we’ve got just your style.

UGG Classic II Mini Boot - Chestnut, €185.00
UGG Classic II Mini Boot – Chestnut, €185.00
UGG Classic II Tall Boot - Tan, €270.00
UGG Classic II Tall Boot – Tan, €270.00

Whether you love them or hate them, (or love to hate them but secretly own several pairs), you’ve got to admit they’re the comfiest boots in town, and we’re delighted they’re back!

We love a good throwback fashion statement, and while we didn’t think we’d be seeing these babies resurface so soon, we’re kind of glad we did!  Let’s be real, they’re the most acceptable form of slippers that we can get away with wearing in public.

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