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Three Ways to Spruce Up Your Morning Coffee

And all three are just delish!

Ah, coffee – a liquid hug for your brain!  If you’re an avid coffee fan, chances are you can’t get through your morning without it (guilty!).  But let’s face it, we could go for some fresh flavours now and again.  Check out these three delicious ways to spruce up your morning coffee.  You can thank us later!


Coconut Oil Cures All

We all know the wonders of coconut oil, but did you know how tasty it can be in coffee? Simply make your coffee as normal, then pop it into a blender (this Breville blender is a dream!) with a teaspoon of coconut oil and a dollop of honey.  Blend it all up and vóila!  You have a sweet tasting, frothy coffee at the ready.  Now all that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy!

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Sweetness in a Drop

Rather than dosing your morning coffee with sugar, opt for a drop or two of vanilla extract instead.  This is such a simple way to boost your morning brew, with that added flavour to give you an extra kick in the mornings!  It’s also just as tasty if you usually opt out of sugar for your morning coffee.  Pop your hot drink in a travel mug and enjoy on the go – we just love this Sara Miller flamingo mug.  A sure way to brighten up your mornings!

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Ice It Up

Fingers crossed that the warmer weather is coming, and when it does, our coffee will be ready!  Iced coffee is a refreshing, go-to choice for warmer days and it sure does spruce up your morning!  It’s also not as hard to make as you may think.  Take out your trusty blender (again, this Breville pick is our go-to!) pour in your freshly made cup of coffee, and blend with a drop of milk and some ice cubes.  Refreshing, coffee goodness at your fingertips!

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If you feel like kicking your coffee up a notch, be sure to check out our range of top coffee machines and espresso makers right here.

These little coffee tips can be such a treat in the mornings!  Who doesn’t love a good tip for making the little things in life even better?  Just like keeping your fresh, white trainers looking brand new – check out how to do exactly that right here!

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