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Top Christmas Movies to Stream on Netflix and More Right Now

Discover five of our favourite Christmas movies that you can stream right now. Settle in for a Christmas movie marathon!

‘Tis the season for relaxing in front of the TV with a tin of Roses and a Christmas movie marathon!  Is there a better way to spend winter evenings?  We don’t think so! 

If you’re wondering what Christmas movie to watch this evening, read on to discover five of our favourites ready to watch on streaming sites now.

Where to watch Christmas movies?

Most streaming sites are packed full to the brim with great Christmas movies. Netflix, NOW TV and Disney+ all serve up jingle bells galore, so pop ‘Christmas’ into the search bar of whichever site you subscribe to now and get ready to deck the halls all December. 

Make sure your home is as cosy as can be before settling in for your Christmas movie marathon. Warm light from the tree, a roaring fire and plenty of festive decorations all add up to create the cosiest Christmas home decor for enjoying movie after movie. 

Our top 5 Christmas movies to watch 

Family watching Christmas movie beside Christmas tree

Love Actually – NOW TV

Kicking things off with a movie that people tend to love or hate.  For the last fifteen years, Love Actually has been a must-watch when Christmas comes around.  With a mix of nine intertwined stories, it’s one movie that will keep you on your toes!  While it follows a variety of characters from the newly elected Prime Minister to a struggling writer, you’re sure to be laughing and crying along the way.  Love Actually also has an amazingly star-studded cast, including Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson and many more.  So if you haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, grab the Celebrations and enjoy!

Home Alone – Disney+

A cult classic, how could we ever make a Christmas movie list without including Home Alone? Beloved by older and younger generations alike, Home Alone follows the adventures of a young boy named Kevin, mistakenly left behind at home when his family go on holidays for Christmas. 

Packed with thrills, comedy and just a touch of heartwarming moments, Home Alone is absolutely worth a watch not only this Christmas, but every December.

The Holiday – Netflix

A rom-com favourite, The Holiday is another Christmas movie that plays on intertwined love stories.  Two women from opposite sides of the world, decide to exchange homes during the Christmas holidays to escape from heartbreak.  Once overseas, the two main character’s lives are changed in unexpected twists and turns.  A feel-good movie that’s perfect for a chilled evening in front of the fire!

Die Hard – NOW TV

A controversial choice, you might be wondering ‘is Die Hard a Christmas movie?’ and we can’t blame you. 

Although it’s not centred on traditional Christmas themes, it enjoys continued adoration from doting fans every single holiday season. It’s not one for the kids, but it’s worth a watch and absolutely ideal if you’re not into classic Christmas tales, so pop it on and decide for yourself. 

The Christmas Chronicles – Netflix

Possibly one of the best Christmas movies to hit Netflix in recent years. Two siblings hatch a plan to catch Santa in the act on Christmas Eve, although things start to go downhill once Santa loses both his reindeer and all of the presents! The three must then try to save Christmas before time runs out, but this becomes a problem when Santa himself ends up behind bars!  A laugh out loud movie that the whole family can enjoy.

How to: watch Christmas movies on Netflix or other streaming sites

It really couldn’t be easier to watch Christmas movies on streaming sites. If you’ve never signed up to one before, here’s how. 

Step 1:

Choose your device. You can stream movies on most home electronics, from your television to your laptop, or even a tablet if you’d rather watch a Christmas movie solo whilst cuddled up in bed or travelling. 

Step 2: 

Choose your streaming service. You can normally do a quick online search to find out what movies you can stream on which services, so choose the one that has the best catalogue for your interests. 

Netflix and NOW TV are both excellent all-rounders, whilst Disney+ is ideal if you have kids of any age (or are a huge Disney fan!)

Step 3:

Create an account. Sign up on the streaming service’s website and choose how you want to pay. 

Step 4:

Stream away! Browse through the movies and tv shows they have on offer, create a watch list of things you love, and then simply sit back and enjoy. If you’re not sure what Christmas movie to watch, get started with one of our favourites above. 

What’s a movie marathon without some delish treats?  Check out our recipe for Hot Chocolate Three Ways!

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