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Our Top Netflix Picks

Time for a well-needed Netflix binge?

Ahh Friday, our favourite day of the week!  After a jam-packed week, we’re dying to do absolutely nothing this weekend.  And by nothing, of course we mean, binge on our favourite Netflix shows.  We’ve got the perfect chill out shows right here, our Netflix favourites!  As well as some attention-grabbing shows that are out of this world.


An old-school favourite, how could we not add Friends to the list?  From Chandler’s sarcastic jokes and Phoebe’s oh so original songs to the ‘we were on a break!’ fiasco, it’s the go-to show for a chilled day on the couch.

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Gilmore Girls

Another old-school favourite, Gilmore Girls is the perfect show to fill a long weekend.  Catch up with Lorelai and Rory in their storybook hometown.  If you’re looking for the perfect mix of humour and drama, Gilmore Girls is a perfect choice!

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Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders transports you back to England in the year 1919 and follows the crimes and tribulations of the Shelby family.  The Shelby family gang, led by brother Tommy, are keen on taking over the underground crime world of Bermingham.

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Vampire Diaries

Don’t fancy heading out this weekend?  Treat yourself to a long weekend spent with the residents of Mystic Falls.  Follow the lives of two vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan, who attempt to live as normal of lives as possible.  That is until meeting Elena, who has an uncanny resemblance to someone from Damon and Stefan’s past.

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Grace & Frankie

The dynamic duo that is Grace and Frankie.  When it’s revealed that their husbands aren’t only business partners, Grace and Frankie cope with their new circumstances in what could be seen as unusual ways.  Their comical ways of dealing with the news are nothing short of lovable!

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The perfect, picturesque town of Riverdale holds dark mysteries that are about to be discovered by a group of high-school friends.  Based on the retro Archie Comics, Riverdale is said to be a mix between ‘Scream‘ and ‘Pretty Little Liars‘.  The ideal binge-worthy series!

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Bates Motel

A contemporary prequel series to the classic 1960 ‘Psycho‘,  Bates Motel is everything you could imagine.  The series follows Norman Bates, and his mother, Norma who buy a motel after the passing of Norman’s father.  As the episodes unfold, we see how Norman Bates grows into the main character of the famous ‘Psycho‘.

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