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Wardrobe Wars: Clear-Out Tips

Ready for a wardrobe clear out?

With the change in seasons, we often tend to do a big wardrobe overhaul.  But let’s be honest, it’s not the easiest job in the world.  It takes a lot of time, cups of tea and sometimes a whole lot of different emotions too!  We’re going to try to make the tough task that bit easier.  So once you’ve decided on the day (or even the weekend) to tick this off your to-do list, all that’s left is to dive in at the deep end.  Here are four steps to a thorough wardrobe clear-out, with some useful tips and tricks thrown in too!


Step 1: Lay Them Out and Pile Them Up

Getting the wardrobe emptied is the official first step!  Lay out your clothes so you’re able to divide and conquer, you never know what piece of clothing could be stuffed at the back of your wardrobe.  Once everything is laid out, start piling items into ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Try on’.  If you feel like the yes pile is a molehill in comparison to the other two piles, it’s time to be more ruthless!  Which takes us on to step number two.

Step 2: Judgement Time

Judgement time!  You’re going to have to be ruthless at this stage, or you’ll end up with only three items to get rid of.  Not exactly what we want after emptying the whole wardrobe.  There are a few questions you can ask yourself here to help you through the decision process.

If you were shopping right now, would you buy this item?

Can you build an outfit around this piece?

Does this item make you feel confident?

Does this item fit and feel well?

Do you just love it?

While going through the ‘maybe’ or ‘try on’ pile, think quality over quantity here, and try not to be too sentimental!  It can be difficult to get rid of items that you’ve had for so long.  Or even those items that you swear will fit you again one day.  They’re just gathering dust, and someone else may benefit from them greater than you will.

Step 3: Organise, Organise, Organise!

Now that you know what pieces you’re keeping, it’s time to get organised!  Divide your clothes into everyday wear and night/occasion wear.  That way, when you’re picking and choosing outfits, you have those pieces at hand.  You can then section your wardrobe so that you have shirts in one place, skirts in another, followed by trousers and so on.  It will make your mornings so much easier!

Step 4: The Aftermath

So you now have your wardrobe organised, full of clothes that you actually like and wear – what to do with the rest?  Quickly go through the no pile to decide what can be worn and what’s fit for the bin (like all of those odd socks that have been taking up so much room!). Anything that’s in good condition and can be worn again can go to your local charity shop.  It’s a win-win situation.  Your wardrobe is the way you want it and you can donate some bits to charity!

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