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Wexford hurler Diarmuid O’Keeffe lets us in on his pre-match rituals!

We chatted to Wexford hurler Diarmuid O’Keeffe to find out if he has any particular routines or rituals that he follows on match day!

Pre match rituals are an interesting part of any sport. We as a nation of Irish people are naturally superstitious, so we wanted to find out what rituals or superstitions hurling players have or do before their games.

We sat down with Wexford hurler Diarmuid O’Keeffe to find out if he has any particular routines or routines that he follows on match day!

Is there any specific routine that you follow on match day?

When I wake up, I would do a 10-minute stretching routine.

Do you eat the same food?

Avocado and eggs are rarely missed!

What gets you psyched up on match day?

Davy Fitzgerald!!

Do you have any stretching or foam rolling before you head off?

Yes, it is so important. I would always make sure I do stretching and foam rolling.

Do your team as a group do anything beforehand?

Not really, it would be rare. Everyone has their own individual routine.

Match Day Diet

Breakfast: Porridge with fruit is a reliable choice!

Before the game: My options vary before the game, to be honest. But whatever I have, it would always include plenty of carbs!

Directly after the game: I have a Fulfil Bar

Post Match meal: I tend to go for salmon. It is light on the stomach and I wouldn’t have the best appetite after a match.

Before bed: Tea and some whole-meal bread with peanut butter.

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