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The Ultimate Christmas Eve Checklist

The night before Christmas is finally here. We’ve got the ultimate guide for how to celebrate Christmas Eve in the most festive way possible!

It’s the most magical night of the year!  And we’re as excited as ever. The Christmas shopping is done, the house is full to the brim of delicious festive food, the pjs are on, and you might even have your favourite festive tipple in hand.  They don’t call it the most wonderful time of the year for nothing.

Wondering how to celebrate Christmas Eve? We’ve put together a little Christmas Eve checklist to ensure you’re ready for Santa’s arrival.

A Christmas Eve box

Person with wrapped Christmas gift with Christmas tree

Whether it’s to keep kids happy and entertained before Santa arrives (it’s also a great secret weapon if your kids are wondering how to fall asleep fast on Christmas Eve) or you’re planning on giving a Christmas Eve box to your parents or partner, it’s the perfect thing to kick off festivities. 

What is a Christmas Eve box?

It’s quite simple really: it’s a box of any size, covered in festive wrapping paper, and filled with small treats and stocking fillers to surprise and delight your loved ones before the big day. 

How to make a Christmas Eve box

Step 1:

Choose a box of any size you like. Cover it top to toe in Christmas wrapping paper. 

Step 2:

Fill the box with brightly coloured tissue paper. 

Step 3:

Add in your gifts. Choose whichever small gifts you think the receiver will love, and throw in some sweet treats on top. 

Your Favourite PJs

Man in red tartan pyjamas with mug

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a new set of cosy pyjamas, right?  And if you have matching family Christmas pyjamas, well then that’s even better!

Christmas is an exciting time, so if you’re wondering how to fall asleep on Christmas Eve (and get the whole family asleep too) then a cosy set of pyjamas is the perfect place to start. They’ll get kids in a festive mood, and most importantly, in the mood for bedtime!

Sweet Treats and Snacks for Santa

Fresh baked chocolate brownies

We all know that calories don’t count at Christmas, so why not whip up a batch of these super easy, super delicious brownies?  They’re so easy in fact, the little ones will enjoy making them too!  They’ll also make an excellent snack for Santa while he delivers your presents – just don’t forget something for the reindeer too.

Make A List, Check it Twice

Christmas Day dinner is no mean feat.  It’s almost like the final of The Great British Bake Off and Masterchef, combined!  If the duty falls on you this year, it might be no harm to make a list of all the dishes you’re creating, as well as putting their timings beside them, to ensure a seamless, stress-free culinary experience.  It’ll also ensure you don’t forget something!  A Christmas dinner, sans stuffing?  I don’t think so!

Finally, Pick Your Favourite Christmas Film To Watch

Before the little ones go to bed, stick on a festive flick to really get into the Christmas spirit.  Here are our top Christmas movie picks that you can stream right now. Settle in for a magical night!

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