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Lucy Kennedy Office Appropriate Clothes

3 Looks for Office-Appropriate Summer Style

Is there anything worse than wearing an office-staple polyester suit in the middle of a sticky summer day? Finding a light, comfortable outfit that’s also office-appropriate is not the end of the world but it’s definitely minor shopping headache. Do you go skirt and bare legs? Don a light chiffon shirt and risk that it’s slightly see-through? Our style […]

Classic Blue Bodycon Dress

Dress like an LA movie star, Entourage Style

With less than a month to go until the Irish cinema release of the Entourage movie, I can’t wait to see the LA-luxe supercharged glamour of the female characters – and some of the men too! I loved the series, both for its gripping and scandalous storylines and for its glamour too. And while Ireland […]

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Perfect Maxi Dress Summer Events Combo

3 Summer Events, One Dress

Much as I believe a girl can never have too many maxi dresses, I also know that you can do an awful lot with just one amazing dress. In fact, I've set myself the challenge of picking just one maxi dress and figuring … Read more

Swimwear Trends 2015: Bandage Bikinis

3 Swimwear Trends You’ll Love

Swimwear season is officially upon us. For some people, they can't wait to show off in their stylish bandage bikinis. For others, they're looking to keep things a bit more demure in the shape of a nice tankini and … Read more

Amy Huberman: Stylish Irish Mammy

Irish Celeb Mums’ Style Guide

Ah, God bless the Irish Mammy. She can do just about everything and, whether you like to admit it or not, she always knows best. The Irish Mammy is so good at "doing everything", she can even look like both a … Read more

Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Vienna

Top 5 Eurovision Moments

It’s that time of year again folks when the country is gripped with Eurovision mania and it would be rude of us to ignore it here in Littlewoods Ireland. Get the goodies in, we have three full nights of cheese … Read more

Wedding Dress Code Decoded: Myleene Klass

Wedding Dress Code – Decoded

So, the wedding invitations have officially come falling through the letter box and you're so excited to be asked - for about 30 seconds - and then you start freaking out about what the heck you're going to wear. … Read more